LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer 4.2.5

Be reminded of your youth with these virtual lego bricks


  • Hundreds of pieces to choose from
  • Includes built models to get you started
  • Great 3D designing environment


  • Requires extreme mouse accuracy


When I was little one of my favorite toys was a Lego set of pieces which I used to build just about anything, from a house for my dolls to a supersonic spaceship. This is probably the reason why I was delighted to discover a digital version of that good old Lego box.

Lego Digital Designer provides you with a huge amount of Lego pieces of all sorts and sizes with which you can build anything you can come up with. Besides free creation, you can also use pre-rendered 3D figures included in Lego Digital Designer, either for editing them or for taking them as models for your own designs.

The program displays a 3D working area to place pieces than can be panned, zoomed or moved in any direction to get a better view of your creation. Just bear in mind that you need to be extremely accurate with your mouse and move the working area a lot in order to get pieces in the appropriate spot.

Pieces are selected from a floating menu: you'll find them conveniently organized by categories and grouped by size. And you know what? They're endless, like in any child's dream! Once your work of Lego-art is done, you can upload to an online gallery or even order it in real Lego pieces.

Lego Digital Designer enables you to build anything with Lego on your PC and share it online.

With Digital Designer, you can build anything in your imagination using virtual bricks, right on your computer.

This version has increased stability and a brand new set of LEGO elements for you to build with. You can also print out an inventory of your creation and take it to any LEGOLAND theme park or LEGO Store and purchase the pieces you need to turn your virtual model into a reality!

LEGO Digital Designer


LEGO Digital Designer 4.2.5

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    always gliches and i cant do anything, cant even close the window
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