LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer 4.1.7

Relive your childhood without losing a block


  • Endless amounts of bricks to choose from
  • Zooms and pans into any angle
  • High level of realism


  • Zooming and panning can be slow or jerky sometimes
  • Sometimes tricky to click blocks into place


Lego has to be one of the greatest toys ever invented but the problem I always had is that pieces always used to get lost down the back of the sofa or swallowed by the dog.

There's no risk of that happening with Lego Digital Designer, a game that lets your imagination run wild in a 3D world of Lego pieces. The 3D working area allows you to place pieces by dragging and dropping them onto the building board and allowing you to pan, zoom and move in any direction you choose. Some of the movements can be a bit sluggish and jerky but generally it works pretty well.

The pieces you want to use are selected from a floating menu which are well organized by category and size. The difference between real life and Lego Digital Designer however is that there is literally no limit to how many block you can use or the designs you can come up with. And if you want to show off, you can upload your design to an online gallery like a big kid - or even more amazing, order your design as the real thing.

If you loved Lego and have a boundless imagination, then Lego Digital Designer will keep you or at least your kids occupied for hours.

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LEGO Digital Designer


LEGO Digital Designer 4.1.7

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